Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Captured | Isla Babatnin

 photo IMG_1880_zps4bb85ea7.jpg photo IMG_1883_zpsf33e87d4.jpg  photo IMG_1895_zpsb03e5456.jpg  photo IMG_1897_zps0aa66317.jpg  photo IMG_1935_zpsde16c981.jpg  photo IMG_1925_zps3c30bd30.jpg photo IMG_1927_zps15c0b9bb.jpg  photo IMG_1920_zpsb2c6fe8c.jpg photo IMG_1921_zps4d72de29.jpg  photo IMG_1923_zpsbfcd4930.jpg
I spent Maundy Thursday and Good Friday in this island in Bulacan. My good friend, Ate Cindy (and her big family of uncles and aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews) graciously and generously accommodated me  for two days where we did nothing but eat, eat and eat some more. I'm not an inch related to them (by blood) but I felt so at home, relaxed and very much welcomed. Since the first time I set foot in Babatnin, I've been amazed at the simple ways of the people who call this island their home. Almost everyone grew up with and knew each other. Ate Cindy's family truly lives up to a wonderful Filipino value - close family ties. I have always admired their closeness and their relentless efforts not only to be there for each other in times of celebration but more so in times of need.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Between Lenses | Warmth

Hey, it's April! And it's time for Between Lenses, a photography challenge by Tara Victoria and Latrina. I love this challenge because it allows me to capture images based on specific themes and I love the fact that I can participate even though I'm not a pro and I don't have the most sophisticated camera. :D So, if you, too, enjoy the challenge of capturing moments, images, etc. hop on and join the fun! This month's theme is WARMTH. 

Warmth for me is joy. The kind of joy that comes from being loved, appreciated and being grateful; also from loving, giving, and living. It's that invisible bond that ties families together, that makes friendships grow steadily, and that makes strangers understand each other even with words left unspoken. Warmth is the sparkles in this little boy's eyes, in the way he presses his lips to form a smile, in the way his simplicity and innocence speak the sweetest thought. I believe that children have the most genuine ability to love. They are ever willing to give people second chances, they are ready to give a smile and a hug. When they are grateful, they tell you, they show you. This is warmth. And this is the kind of warmth we always, always seek.

 photo IMG_1093_zpsd98eb9c6.jpg

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Silver+One | An Hour at Caleruega

This was the last sunset of my 25th year.  Beautiful. Colorful. A day before my birthday, I took my mother and my younger sister to Caleruega (probably the very first thing that comes to mind when friends and family ask me for a nice place to go to that's relatively near Metro Manila). We got there a few minutes before 5, it was a quick tour, but we pretty much covered the must-see places. I have to say though that an hour is not enough, especially if what you are after is some time for rest, relaxation and reflection.

It was a very hot Monday - March 31st, the beginning of summer, so we didn't really have a choice but to bask in the sun's afternoon glow.