Korea Chronicles | Namsangol Hanok Village

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Hanok means Korean traditional houses. They are structured in consideration of their surroundings and may be built in closed square form especially in cold regions. Some houses are "L" shaped while others may be in an open "I" form.

Bukchon in Samcheongdong is probably the most popular Hanok village in all of Korea. I was able to walk around in its neighborhood on my first day there, and yes, it is someplace you shouldn't miss. But apart from Bukchon, another hanok village worth visiting is Namsangol near Myeongdong.

Namsangol Hanok Village is a collection of five hanoks from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), recovered from different parts of the city and relocated to the northern foot of Namsan mountain. The interiors of each of these five houses reflect owners from different walks of life, from the middle class to the yangban (who were mainly high government officials, noblemen and aristocrats). [Source

Korea Chronicles | Seoul Forest

/ Day 6 /
Seoul is definitely an urban jungle. The view from Namsan Tower clearly shows the skyscrapers thriving in this city and its neighboring districts. But, it is also important to note (and very much admirable) how almost every corner you'd turn to is lined with trees and flowering plants - parcels of green land are creatively and strategically enmeshed with the modern landscape. My 6th day in Korea started out with a morning walk inside Seoul Forest, an eco-friendly zone that used to be a hunting ground for royalties and currently considered a premium park in Seoul.

World Humanitarian Day: Voices from the Field (Trailer)

A powerful film series is in store for us this year as the World Humanitarian Day is fast approaching (August 19th). Humanitarian volunteers and aid workers are today's unsung heroes - working with children and the elderly, the sick, the poorest of the poor and many others in different parts of the world. They are present in places where calamities strike, where sickness plagues and even where there are armed conflicts. Amidst the risk, we see great joy. Take a look at the trailer (and see what I mean) and watch out for the films coming soon!

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